Star Trek: Missions – A Fantasy Realms Game from WizKids

In Star Trek: Missions, tabletop game publisher, WizKids, allows fans of the iconic sci-fi universe to explore the galaxy, one card at a time.

Mission’s gameplay is based on one of WizKids’ older card games, Fantasy Realms. In each turn, players draw and discard cards that represent classic missions, characters, and technology from the franchise. The goal is to assemble a combination of cards that yields the highest score. The value of each card is based on the other cards in a player’s hand, so both strategy and luck are at play.

Star Trek: Missions includes 50 Galaxy cards, 24 mission cards, a scorepad, and a rule book. A game is intended for 3-6 players ages 14 and up. Each game take less than 30 minutes to play.

MSRP is $19.99 USD. The card game is available for pre-order now at a local games retailer with a planned delivery date of February 2022.

Company: WizKids | Available: February 2022 | Price: $19.99 USD