Spirograph Animator from PlayMonster

PlayMonster’s Spirograph Animator puts a whole new spin on Spiromania with integrated light and motion.

Designed for ages eight and up, the plastic Animator Is powered by 3-AAA batteries and combines a 105-tooth Design Ring with LED Strobe Lamps and a Spinner Platform. After placing a 3-inch x 3-inch sheet of paper into the toy, kids use the pens and plastic Spirograph wheels to create unique designs.

Once a design is complete, the Design Ring can be placed back on the Animator and manually spun. Dimming lights in the room and turning on the toy’s Strobe Lamps creates the illusion of animation, a clever addition to the classic method.

Spirograph Animator comes with six design wheels (#42, #56, #60, #72, #80, Oval), five fine-line design pens, and a 100-sheet pad of paper. A storage compartment is built into the base. Thoughtfully, the Spirograph Animator is compatible with other Spirograph Sets.

Kids can bring their designs to life for $29.99 USD. The Animator is available from PlayMonster’s online store and a variety of other online retailers.

Company: PlayMonster | Available: Now | Price: $29.99 USD