Spider-Man 6V Super Car from Dynacraft

Over the summer of 2021, the Disney Junior channel launched Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends, a new animated series for kids featuring everyone’s favourite wall-crawler. Dynacraft pays homage to the show with the rollout of the Spider-Man 6V Super Car.

The ride-on toy’s six-volt engine cruises at top speeds of 2.5 mph. The car sports a spidey-inspired red-and-blue colour palette, as well as customized spider and web graphics on its doors, wheels, and grill. The car’s spoiler, headlights, and working horn are complemented by butterfly doors that open and close, LED lights on the hood, and a seatbelt.

A water cannon mounted to the windshield really puts the “super” into the Super Car. Kids can pretend they are shooting webs as they cruise.

The Spider-Man 6V Super Car is a Walmart-exclusive that retails for $159.00 USD.

Company: Dynacraft | Available: Now | Price: $159.00 USD