Snorble from Snorble Inc.

“Imagine A Better Bedtime.”

Have you ever found it difficult to calm and relax your child before bedtime? What about getting them to sleep in their own bed instead of yours? Brushing their teeth? Putting on their PJs? If you’re a parent, these challenges are likely familiar to you. Now there’s a way to end these bedtime battles once and for all!

Snorble, courtesy of Snorble Inc., is an engaging and intelligent buddy that helps both children and families develop healthy habits and bedtime routines. The brainchild of company founder Mike Rizkalla, Snorble blends proprietary natural language processing and AI with an animated character, creating a first-of-its-kind experience for families.

Snorble is more than just another sleep trainer. It is an engagingly sweet, interactive character that even learns your child’s name. Kids can hug, play, and talk with the character throughout the day, while also looking forward to the experience Snorble creates at night! On the journey to falling asleep, Snorble’s magical lights, sounds, and other unique features generate a soothing, enchanting environment that helps keep a child comfortably in bed. And, if your little one happens to wake up in the night, Snorble helps them self-soothe with bedtime stories, breathing exercises, and more. If that’s not enough, this cute little friend can even gently wake up a child in the morning and encourage them to get ready for the day.

But wait, there’s more!

By gamifying the bedtime experience, Snorble also keeps children focused on each task at hand, encouraging healthy, consistent habits designed to give families more quality time. And, with the aid of the Snorble app, parents can access suggestions and advice from various experts to address each child’s specific needs. Of course, you are the best judge of what works best for your family. Thus, you can customize everything to control how and when Snorble interacts with your child.

Successfully crowdfunded earlier this fall, Snorble is now available for pre-order exclusively through the official Snorble Inc. website for $299.99 USD. Currently available for shipment only to Canada and the United States, and slated for an eventual retail release, Snorble begins shipping to consumers later this year and includes one Snorble doll, one Lullapod base, and a 90-day premium app subscription.

Snorble is certain to change bedtime for the better! Are you ready to say goodnight to difficult evenings once and for all?

Company: Snorble | Available: Winter 2023 | Where to Buy: Snorble | Price: $299.99 USD