San Diego Comic-Con Museum@Home

The Comic-Con Museum has rolled out a variety of online-only activities prior to its planned physical opening in 2021 in San Diego’s Balboa Park. Comic-Con Museum@Home’s virtual programming and resources are designed to complement the online experience of Comic-Con 2020’s “At Home” lineup. The museum has a special section on the main Comic-Con website that is updated regularly and provides access to a range of different content options.

Cardboard Superheroes are posting weekly video workshops that walk children through the creation of miniature models. Past entries in the series include Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, and Wall-E (our personal favourite!) In addition to the step-by-step videos, the site contains downloadable templates as well as safety and supply guidelines for each project.

Comic-Con Museum@Home includes a “Fun Book” series. Each downloadable PDF booklet contains a variety of activities, including word games, crossword puzzles, colouring sheets, and how-to-draw tutorials.

The museum’s social media channels also remain active, with additional activities, games, and writing prompts being posted to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.