Rubik’s Impossible from Spin Master

The idiom, “there’s more to this than meets the eye,” is aptly applied to Rubik’s Cube Impossible!

Designed by MegaHouse, the Bandai Namco subsidiary that produces Rubik’s Cubes on behalf of Spin Master in Japan, the Impossible version of the popular puzzle combines the familiar six-sided form factor with a design twist: some of the coloured squares change colour depending on the specific angle they are viewed from.

The morphing colour palette is made possible with iridescent colour tiles. The inconsistent colour scheme requires Cubers to potentially track multiple colours for each square while twisting and turning their way to the final solution, significantly raising the degree of difficulty.

Rubik’s Cube Impossible is scheduled for release in Japan this Spring and eventually worldwide at the cost of $14.99 USD.

Company: Spin Master | Available: Spring 2022 | Price: $14.99 USD