Romper from Droyd

Introducing Romper, an electric ride-on toy from Droyd that gives the traditional trike concept a boost with electric power!

Designed for kids ages three and older, Romper is built on an all-plastic body that is reminiscent of the classic Big Wheel from Louis Marx and Company. Droyd designed its version of the trike with a distinctly contemporary twist for a new generation of young excursionists: it is powered by a 24-V lithium-ion battery and a brushed DC motor.

Created to introduce toddlers to the fun and convenience of electric mobility, Romper features a light-up LED front wheel, automatic multicoloured tail lights, and an adjustable seat. Looking to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, this all-new trike also incorporates a wealth of safety features that include an automatic slow-start acceleration button, a parental speed control key, two speed settings that keep Romper motoring along at between three and six miles per hour, and an adjustable safety flag.

Measuring over 35-inches long, 23.5-inches wide, and 21-inches high, Romper features a maximum weight capacity of 66 pounds and allows for a maximum ride time of 45 minutes with a range of up to three miles on a full charge. Not only that, this avant-garde Toy Of The Year finalist can even be charged and ready to go in as little as five hours!

Available to purchase through the official Droyd website and all official Droyd dealers, Romper is priced at $139.99 USD with optional payment plans available.

Will you be picking up one of these state-of-the-art trikes for your little one?

About The Inspiration
First introduced in 1969 by Louis Marx And Company, Big Wheel was a brand of low-riding tricycle that became extremely popular throughout the 1970s and ’80s. Made mostly of plastic and named after its large front wheel, Big Wheel was a hit among parents due to its low cost and the approval of numerous consumer groups who looked at it as a safer alternative to traditional tricycles. The design was quickly imitated and marketed under a number of different brand names. Interestingly, while “Big Wheel” was a registered trademark, the name has been frequently used to describe any toy whose design resembled that of Marx.

Following the bankruptcy and liquidation of both Marx and Empire Plastics, the Big Wheel brand was reintroduced in 2003 and inducted into the Toy Hall Of Fame at The Strong in 2009. Some cities in North America even hold annual Big Wheel races, such as San Francisco’s popular Bring Your Own Big Wheel.

Company: Droyd | Available: Now | Where to Buy: Droyd | Price: $139.99 USD