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  • Retro Radio LEGO
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  • LEGO Retro Radio Set
  • Retro Radio LEGO

Retro Radio from LEGO

Tune in to your creativity!

The all-new LEGO Icons Retro Radio is a 906-piece nod to the timeless music styles of the 1950s and ’60s. Combining vintage charm with contemporary functionality, this model promises to transport builders on a delightful journey through musical time.

The Retro Radio brings the summer vibes and offers a unique and novel experience to fans of music and art. Once finished, it features the same sort of vintage design cues and classic colour combinations that helped define a generation of consumer electronics. Additionally, the replica features a dial to turn the sound on or off, as well as a knob to switch between a number of prerecorded sounds via the innovative soundbrick, mimicking a real radio. Those looking for a slightly more modern twist can insert and hide a mobile phone via the radio’s easily removable back panel and play their favourite tunes!

Measuring over 13-inches wide and 9-inches tall upon completion, the Retro Radio look as if it was plucked straight off a countertop of yesteryear with a movable handle for added portability, a functional AM/FM switch, bold contours, stylish front grilling, detailed inner workings complemented by movable gears, old-fashioned badging, and even an adjustable antenna for an extra touch of realism. Ready to transport consumers back to one of the most definitive eras in history, LEGO’s Retro Radio also fuses well with modern interiors, making it a captivating conversation piece in any collection — and the perfect gift for retro enthusiasts age 18 and older.

The LEGO Icons Retro Radio will be available exclusively for LEGO Insiders beginning June 1st through the official LEGO website. Mass retail release will happen just a few days later on June 4th. Priced at $99.99 USD, this build is the perfect way to kick off the summer season!

Company: LEGO | Available: June 2024 | Where to Buy: LEGO | Price: $99.99 USD