Rescue & Restore

Aimed at adult antique collectors and vintage enthusiasts, the Rescue & Restore YouTube channel showcases the process of restoring classic and antique toys to their former rust-free glory.

Videos are straight-forward, exceptional in their detail, and showcase the skill and craftsmanship behind each restoration project. Each one documents the step-by-step process of deconstructing and reconstructing each item, with varying camera angles to clearly show the techniques. The description of each video includes a list of the modern tools used to facilitate the process, along with any required safety precautions.

Videos typically run between 15-20 minutes and are free of audio commentary and background music, allowing viewers to focus on the task at hand. Gateway videos to the channel are the 1970s Mighty Tow Truck Wrecker Restoration, Vintage Electric Oven Restoration, and the Northwestern Model 60 Vending Machine Restoration.

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