Potato Head The Yamdalorian and the Tot from Hasbro

The runaway success of the Disney+ television show The Mandalorian has inspired Potato Head versions of two fan-favourite Star Wars characters from the series.

The Yamdalorian is modeled after Din Djarin and features one potato body, a base with feet, helmet, armor, cape, eyes, two arms, two ears, nose, and a mustache. True to the classic toy’s legacy, the included accessories can be mixed and matched so kids ages two and up can style their Potato Head like the infamous bounty hunter or create their own unique looks. Many of the parts are also compatible with other Potato Head sets sold by Hasbro.

Tot is along for the ride with the Yamdalorian. The small figure is based on Grogu from the series and fits inside the Yamadalorian’s pouch, allowing the dynamic duo to explore galaxy side-by-side.

The Yamdalorian and Tot Potato Heads are scheduled for release in February 2022 at the cost of $15.99 USD. Check out Hasbro’s online store for all purchasing options.

Company: The Op Games | Available: February 2022 | Price: $15.99 USD