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  • Popped! Clever Noodle Jeff Koons

Popped! from Clever Noodle

Clever Noodle, a renowned startup known for its commitment to innovative educational gaming, announces its collaboration with globally acclaimed artist Jeff Koons. Together, they present Popped! — an exhilarating phonics-based game poised to revolutionize early childhood literacy.

Dynamic and immersive, Popped! is designed to transcend traditional learning approaches through a tantalizing blend of risk and reward. At its heart is Koons’ iconic Balloon Dog, a visual masterpiece that captivates players as they embark on a fun-filled journey into phonics.

Crafted in conjunction with esteemed national specialists, Popped! not only cultivates a passion for reading and art but also serves as a comprehensive tool for mastering crucial literacy skills. From phonics awareness to decoding, fluency and spelling, every aspect of the game has been designed to help empower young learners while at play.

Popped! employs adaptive difficulty levels spanning kindergarten to grade three to create an inclusive learning environment where children of varying ages and abilities can play and thrive together. In addition, the game has been designed to support a wide range of learners, enabling advanced students to play in the same game as those with learning differences, such as dyslexia, high-functioning autism, ADHD, and processing challenges – meaning no one is left behind.

Jeff Koons shared his thoughts about the partnership: “Reading opens the door to the world. I’m excited to connect my art with proven reading science. I hope Popped! inspires children to learn in a fun and engaging way.”

“At the heart of ‘Popped!’ also lies a mission to address the need for cutting-edge, phonics-based reading education today,” said Jacquelyn Davis, Founder, CEO & Mom-in-Chief at Clever Noodle. “’Popped!’ aims to help children develop as readers by reducing the ‘burden’ and making the activity fun and light for kids and parents alike. We use a science based method that looks at the complex process of how children’s brains learn to read and write and we make the learning process fun. Our games are really fun and highly effective, based on cutting-edge reading brain science.”

Davis continues, “Leveraging Mr. Koons’ Balloon Dog to combine the fun of reading with the amazing world of art takes this game to the next level. Mr. Koons’ passion for literacy and his attention to detail played a big role in the creation of the game. He wanted the game to be extremely optimistic, generous, and upbeat. And it is.”

A significant step forward in educational gaming, Popped! supports two to five players and is designed for children ages 4-9. Priced at $29.95 USD, the game is available now exclusively through Creative Noodles’ official website.

Are you ready to embark on an engrossing literacy adventure?

Company: Clever Noodle | Available: Now | Where to Buy: Clever Noodle | Price: $29.95 USD