Popeye Deluxe Set from Mezco Toyz

Mezco Toyz has expanded its 5 Points articulated action figure line with Popeye the Sailor and his nautical crew.

Everyone’s favourite one-eyed sailor comes in a deluxe box set along with Olive Oyl, Bluto, and Rough House, as well as a playset designed to resemble Rough House’s Café.

Several of the highly detailed figures come with accessories. Popeye comes with a can of spinach that he can hold and two sets of interchangeable arms. Bluto, Popeye’s arch-nemesis, also comes equipped with two pairs of interchangeable arms. Rough House, the hard-working chef and owner of the café, comes with a spatula and frying pan that he can hold.

The entire set is packaged in a collector’s box and can be pre-ordered for $55 USD from the company’s online store. 5 Points Popeye is primed for delivery between August and October 2021.

Company: Mezco Toyz | Available: Aug – Oct 2021 | Price: $55 USD