Police Truck and Cruiser from Hess

From its humble beginnings as an affordable gas station gift to becoming the largest direct-to-consumer toy in the world, the Hess Toy Truck is a legendary annual tradition. Now in its 59th year, the highly collectible toy brand is back and better than ever in with an all-new 2023 release!

Decked out in bold green paint, the heavy-duty, dual-axle police truck sports eye-catching white stripes, matching badges, and numerous embellishments that include a fully chromed front end, cab-mounted light bar, bumpers, fuel tanks, mirrors, wheels, and exhaust pipes. Measuring over 11 inches long and over four inches wide, the free-rolling rig also features rubber tires and four top-mounted buttons that activate a selection of realistic sounds ranging from a horn to engine start, as well as both traditional and European emergency sirens.

Adding to the fun, each of the included sounds has been programmed to play in tandem with a different animated light pattern from an impressive array of 55 red, white, and blue emergency lights. A switch located on the underside of the chassis also enables these lights to operate silently in either steady or flashing mode. As an added bonus, the truck’s clear panelled windows reveal an illuminated cargo hold that is easily accessed by means of a quick-release button that unfolds the rear door into ramp position.

Coming in at 5.5 inches long and over 2 inches wide, the included white armoured-response vehicle is accented with intrepid green stripes, matching emblems, and chrome ornamentation that includes front and rear window louvres, front bumper, and hubcaps. A total of 19 switch-operated red, white, and blue steady-on lights include a pair of spotlights enclosed in a 270-degree rotating roof-mounted turret.

Following in the tire tracks of the Deuce Coupe duo included with last year’s flatbed truck, the Cruiser has been engineered with a “rev up and release” pullback motor that propels the vehicle in either flat or wheelie position for a speedy response to any emergency. There is even a special panel mounted to the underside of the Cruiser’s chassis that conceals a slide-out battering ram!

The 2023 Hess Police Truck and Cruiser is available exclusively through HessToyTruck.com for $42.99 USD, with free standard shipping available and batteries included. Gift wrapping will set you back an additional $3.99 USD.

Yes, the Hess truck is back and bigger than ever! However, with next year marking the 60th anniversary of the very first toy truck to bear the Hess name, one can’t help but wonder what surprises await collectors of this storied brand come 2024.

Until then, happy 59th anniversary to Hess Toy Truck!

Company: Hess | Available: Now | Where to Buy: Hess | Price: $42.99 USD