Play-Doh Grown Up Scents – ’90s Edition

Hasbro has released a second set of Play-Doh exclusively for kidults. Grown Up Scents – 90s Edition is a follow-up to the company’s first Grown Up Scents released last December.

Like the initial release, the 90s Edition is also a six-pack of 4-oz cans of the iconic sculpting toy. Each can is infused with a colour and scent designed to stir nostalgic vibes of the Internet decade. The tongue-in-cheek names Hasbro gives to each scent remain part of the fun.

Florescent blue Eau de Boy Band has a pine scent, glittery gold Pump up the Jamz smells of sneakers, yellow VHS Rental ‘N Chill is like buttered popcorn, neon pink Dial-Up Delight smells like strawberries, orange Mall Food Court replicates the smell of mystery meat, and the black Flannel Fresh has floral notes.

Play-Doh Grown Up Scents – 90s Edition is available now from Amazon. The set of six is priced at $11.99 USD.

Company: Hasbro | Available: Now | Price: $11.99 USD