Phase 10 – 40th Anniversary Edition from Mattel

Phase 10 has turned 40 and Mattel is celebrating the milestone anniversary by releasing a special edition version of the iconic contract rummy card game.

The Phase 10 – 40th Anniversary Edition is packaged in a nostalgic keepsake box, specially designed cards, and a letter from that game’s creator, Kenneth R. Johnson. Johnson invented the game in 1982 as an alternative to UNO while living in his hometown of Detroit. Phase 10 was initially manufactured and sold by Fundex Games until the rights were sold to Mattel in 2010.

Despite the new packaging, the object of the game remains the same. Using a deck of 108 cards, two to six players attempt to be the first to collect sets and runs of cards to advance through 10 varied phases of play in a specific order.

The 40th Anniversary Edition of Phase 10 is available exclusively on Amazon at the cost of $14.99 USD.

Company: Mattel | Available: Now | Price: $14.99 USD