Blocks Celebrates 100th Edition

Blocks magazine celebrates its 100th edition with a giveaway, commemorative poster, and a special companion publication.

The monthly print and digital magazine devoted to the LEGO community has been a must-read resource for LEGO enthusiasts since the first issue was published in 2014. High-quality content distinguished the magazine — its eye-catching photography, editorials, interviews, product reviews, and more, have established Blocks as a fan favourite.

Issue 100 includes interviews with The LEGO Group’s Jamie Berard and Niels Milan Pedersen, a retrospective of the publication, an insider’s view on what it takes to create the magazine, along with its staple reviews and editorials.

Graham Hancock, Blocks editor, reflected on the milestone in a conversation with Toy Tales, “When I first discovered Blocks magazine, I was so delighted to find something targeted at LEGO fans that could offer real depth. Six months later I joined the team, and since then the magazine has evolved alongside the LEGO community and the LEGO Group’s product offering. As the LEGO community grows, builders push one another to be even more inventive with the bricks and the quality of fan creations is constantly improving. We’re always showcasing some of the most impressive builds out there, but also sharing unique ways to be creative with the LEGO elements.”

He explains, “As we can see from the many new adult LEGO sets, there is a wider LEGO community out there now, people who are just dabbling with getting back into the hobby. Blocks magazine is also aimed at these fans, providing an entry point for new fans to start understanding just how much variety there is within the LEGO world.”

Blocks is also releasing 100 Incredible LEGO Builds, a special celebratory companion publication guest-edited by The LEGO Group’s vice president of design, Matthew Ashton. The bonus issue celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of LEGO builders.

Creativity has been a consistent focus for Blocks. As the community grows, LEGO fans continuously evolve the hobby and that’s something Hancock wants to nurture. “In the magazine we always include build tips and tutorials, as well as showcasing inspiring models. Those features serve two audiences: people who already build creatively can find new ways to construct things or find a source of inspiration, but people who currently only build by the instructions might be encouraged to try doing something new with the bricks.” He adds, “It’s the thing that makes LEGO toys special, after all, that you can use the bricks to create something entirely new… and once you access that side of the hobby, it’s hard to go back to just building by instructions.”

Hancock also revealed the magazine’s plans for the coming year, “One of our areas of focus at Blocks magazine this year is to find new ways to highlight what’s going on in the LEGO community and how to get involved. We have a new feature launching soon that will focus on the awesome fan contests that take place online, as they’re a real hotbed of creativity.”

Issue 100 is available now in print and digital formats. Subscribe before March 1 for a chance to win one of three 10303 Wildflower Bouquet sets. Visit Blocks for details.