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National Museum of Roller Skating – Lincoln, Nebraska

The National Museum of Roller Skating in Lincoln, Nebraska is the largest collection of its kind, preserving the history and evolution of this popular pastime.

Rollers skating is often thought of as a leisure activity made popular by the roller discos of the 1970s. But roller skates first appeared in the mid-1700s as part of a stage production in London, England. Over the course of centuries, roller skating blossomed as a recreational activity and competitive sport.

The National Museum of Roller Skating provides public education relating to all forms of roller skating, including roller derby, speed skating, roller hockey, inline skating, and artistic skating. Visitors to the museum can satisfy their curiosity about the early days of roller skating (with objects dating back to 1819), and learn about the individuals responsible for propelling the activity through the centuries and cementing it as a key component of popular culture.

Admission is free. Set aside a couple of hours for a visit to fully enjoy and appreciate the many photographs, videos, costumes, memorabilia, and other archival materials the Museum has to offer.


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