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Namco Museum: Arcade Greatest Hits LP from SPACELAB9

Company: ThinkGeek
Available: Now
Price: $34.99 USD

Flashback to the halcyon days when you spent your weekends plunking down quarters at your local arcade! The Namco Museum Greatest Hits vinyl LP from independent record producer SPACELAB9 brings back all the good memories through sound. Produced exclusively for online retailer ThinkGeek, the pressing is limited to 2,000 copies and contains 19 tracks of music and sound effects from such classic Namco arcade games as Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Galaga.

Each disc features a “Pixel Explosion” color variant and is packaged in a die-cut jacket and Pac-Man-themed sleeve. As a bonus, SPACELAB9 has included an 8-page booklet with some history of the games on the album.

Check out the track listing below:

Side A
1. Game Play (1:56) PAC-MAN
2. Game Play (2:56) Galaga
3. Game Play (3:16) New Rally X
4. In-Game Music (2:50) Mappy
5. Game Play (1:41) Xevious
6. Game Play (1:42) Dig Dug
7. High Score (0:49) Dig Dug
8. Game Over (0:03) Dig Dug
9. Game Play (3:58) Bosconian
Side B
10. Game Play (5:08) Gaplus
11. BGM: Crag (1:15) Dragon Buster
12. In-Game Music (1:42) Tower of Druaga
13. Sky Kid March (1:38) Sky Kid
14. Game Over (0:04) Sky Kid
15. Main Theme (1:45) The Return of Ishtar
16. Main BGM (3:20) Rolling Thunder
17. Evil Cross & Nightmares (Stage 4) (1:21) Splatterhouse
18. Ending (2:15) Splatterhouse
19. Miss (0:03) PAC-MAN

The Namco Museum Greatest Hits vinyl LP checks in at $34.99 USD while supplies last.

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