Mystery Date Vintage Bookshelf Edition from WS Game Company

The Mystery Date board game asks, “When you open the door, will your mystery date be a dream or a dud?”

Originally designed by the Chicago-based Marvin Glass and Associates and released by Milton Bradley in 1965, Mystery Date is a game of chance that determines whether the date ringing your doorbell will be “hot or not”, to use today’s parlance.

WS Games has released a homage to the original, the Mystery Date Vintage Bookshelf Edition, packaged in a light-pink box designed to look like a classic bookshelf game. Gameplay remains much the same: two to four players gather around the board to roll the dice, pick clothing and accessory cards, and prepare for date night with their mystery man. When the doorbell rings, the player opens the door to discover whether they are going swimming with a hunk or spending time with someone less desirable.

This is not a politically correct game – it was designed in the 1960s, after all. But, what it lacks in wokeness it makes up for in nostalgia.

Watch a classic commercial for Mystery Date from Milton Bradley.

Company: WS Game Company | Available: Now | Price: $39.00 USD