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Museum of Wooden Toy Production – Bukovany, Czechia

The Museum of Wooden Toy Production in the Czech Republic is toymaker DETOA’s homage to the long legacy of its own wooden toy craftsmanship.

Established in 1908 as a producer of wooden buttons and beads, DETOA expanded its production to include toys in 1927. As one of the oldest toy producers in Europe, DETOA founded the Museum of Wooden Toy Production in 2011 to preserve the company’s rich history and evolution as a toymaker.

Visitors on the hour-long educator-led tour are given a glimpse into toy production of years, including early toy production methods and how those have evolved to meet consumer demand. An exhibit of wooden toys created by DETOA showcases the ever-changing ways in which children play and interact with toys.

The Museum of Wooden Toy Production also offers workshops to inspire creativity in children and adults alike.

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