Museum of Board Games – Newent, England

Located in the Forest of Dean region of Gloucestershire, the Museum of Board Games is a place to discover the history of games and early forms of play.

Opened by game designer, Tony Boydell, in August 2021, the Museum of Board Games exhibits his personal collection of over 600 board games, card games, books, and ephemera. The oldest game — Historical Pastime. A New Game of the History of England published by John Harris and Edward Wallis — dates back to 1803. Other games include The Prince’s Quest, Mixed Pickles, Froschkönig, Booby Trap, Obsession, News Desk, Mork & Mindy, Shogun, Mission Impossible, Horse Race, Tiddlytennis, Are You Being Served, Charlie Brown’s All-Stars and others in an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary.

Visitors are encouraged to ask questions as they navigate the cosy museum. Boydell hosts game nights, during which he brings out a classic game and encourages guests to join him in a round.

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