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Museum of Bad Art – Boston, Massachusetts

Co-located in three different areas around Boston, the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) showcases works of art that the Museum describes as “too bad to be ignored.”

Founded in 1993, this private museum collects and displays paintings by known and unknown artists. The styles of art range from landscapes to nudes, as well as works that are, to put in kindly, unidentifiable.  What all the pieces have in common is that they are spectacularly badly executed.

Perhaps the artists featured in the Museum were channeling their inner child in hopes that their art would make it onto a fridge in an appreciative household. Perhaps mind-altering substances were involved in the creative process. Or maybe these pieces really do represent the best efforts of the artists. Regardless of their genesis, we can all be thankful to the Museum of Bad Art for providing a platform for these memorable works to be displayed.

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