Moonlight Rollerway – Glendale, California

Moonlight Rollerway is a long-standing roller rink in Glendale, California. Originally opened as Harry’s Roller Rink in 1956, the business was purchased by employee Dominic Cangelos in 1985 who lovingly maintains the rink to this day.

Roller skating gained popularity in the late 1800s after inventor James Plimpton re-configured the existing roller skate design to include four wheels.  He subsequently opened New York City’s first roller rink and the rest, as they say, is history. The pastime steadily increased in popularity and hit it’s peak as disco took hold in the 1970s. While many roller rinks have come and gone, Moonlight Rollerway stands the test of time. Located in what used to be a warplane parts manufacturing plant, Moonlight Rollerway is a Glendale institution. Both locals and tourists visit the rink to bask in the nostalgic atmosphere. Visitors flock to the rink on Tuesday nights to cruise atop the original maple tongue and groove flooring to live organ music courtesy of owner Cangelos.

Images of Moonlight Rollerway may seem familiar to many. Television shows such as Modern Family and Glee have filmed at the rink along with movies such as Beginners, Lovelace, and Straight Outta Compton.

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