Monopoly Lifesized – London, England

Thanks to a collaboration between Hasbro and Gamepath, visitors and residents of London will have a new board game-based attraction to check out later this Summer.

Monopoly Lifesized transforms the iconic board game into an immersive experience over three floors in a 22,000 square foot building. As players move around the roughly 50’ x 50’ board, they complete a series of escape room-style challenges to acquire properties, earn money, escape jail, and control utilities.

A board features spaces for eight properties, two train stations, two Utility companies, Free Parking, Just Visiting, Go, and Jail. Game segments run for 75-minutes and comprise eight to 24 people, split into four teams that compete against each other. In true Monopoly fashion, teams are provided with their own tokens that assist in navigation, keep score, and provide hints when needed.

Players have four different game boards to choose from: Classic, City, Vault, and Junior. Classic resembles a traditional Monopoly game, City is Monopoly’s “reimaging of downtown London”, Vault is focused on the “secret world of Mr. Monopoly’s Bank”, and Junior is a version of the game with trams for children ages 5-9. While the themes and challenges of each board differ, the gameplay and rules remain the same, encouraging repeat visits and unique experiences.

Monopoly Lifesized is slated to open Saturday, August 14th. General admission tickets will run £72.50 with various discounts offered for group bookings, students, and children. In addition to the four game spaces, visitors can also check out a Hasbro product retail outlet and a Monopoly-themed bar.

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