MobyGames: Video Game Database is a community-driven website that catalogues and provides information about video games. It offers gamers, developers, researchers, and historians a comprehensive online repository of game data, including development history and release details. It covers various platforms, genres, and eras, spanning both mainstream and niche titles.

The website was launched in March 1999 by Jim Leonard, Brian Hirt, and David Berk, and has since grown to become one of the most extensive and well-regarded sources of video-game information on the Internet.

One of the hallmarks of is its accuracy and thoroughness, reinforced by a community-driven approach to information gathering. Registered users can contribute to the database by submitting new game entries, adding or editing existing entries, and uploading screenshots, box art, and other media. Users can also browse and contribute to a growing collection of game credits, which lists individuals involved in developing each game.

In addition to its extensive database, the site also offers very active discussion forums where users discuss games, seek help, and engage in conversations about the game industry.