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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.
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Miniature World – Victoria, British Columbia

Located inside the historic luxury Fairmont Empress Hotel, Miniature World provides an escape to new surroundings — through dioramas depicting real and fictional people and places.

For over 48 years, visitors to the Miniature World attraction have been fascinated by exhibits that tell intriguing visual stories and offer an opportunity to dig into history. Complemented by sound and lighting elements, the models and dioramas come to life in unexpected ways as intricate details reveal themselves the deeper one looks into the displays. Exhibits include Gulliver’s Travels, Camelot, Great Canadian Railway, The World of Dickens, Swiss Family Robinson, Classic Car Rally, and other scenes.

There’s always something new to discover at “the greatest little show on earth” thanks to the extraordinary detail captured in each diorama.

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