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Micro but Many

Fans of Micro Machines – the slightly larger-than-N-scale vehicles brought to market by Galoob in the late 1970s – can now browse an online showroom dedicated to the tiny toys. Micro but Many is the digital museum of collector Tim Smith, Head of ustwo Auto.

Of the more than 6,000 unique designs produced by Galoob, Smith owns more than 1,100 planes, trains, and automobiles. He posts new vehicles to the site regularly, with the current count topping 100. Each Micro Machine profiled on the site includes a photo that highlights the intricate detail of each vehicle and a short write-up. Real-world vehicle stats (top speed, acceleration, engine size) as well as Micro Machine stats (scale, rarity, toy brand, and manufacture) are also given.

Using a built-in search tool, visitors can drill deeper into the collection by colour, vehicle type, brand, and year. In addition to his website, Smith also posts regular updates about Micro but Many on Twitter and Instagram.

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