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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

Meccanoids from Meccano

Company: Meccano
Available: Now
Price: $80 USD and up

When Frank Hornby conceived his mechanical construction kit Meccano in 1898, he’d have no way of knowing the evolutionary path of his creation. Flash forward to 2017, Spin Master – the current parent company of Meccano – takes Hornby’s “mechanics made easy” concept and brings it to an entirely new level: personal robots.

Meccano Meccanoids G15 and G15 KS are interactive robots that learn audio and motion through learned intelligence movement (LIM) programming. LIM allows users to easily program Meccanoids to customize the movements and vocabulary of their robot and expand on the 30 pre-programmed voice commands and 1000+ pre-programmed phrases. Users can build their Meccanoid as a bipedal robot, dinosaur, dog, and many other forms and choose from over 500 eye-colour options.

Meccanoids are available at many toy and electronics stores and through online retailers. Prices vary but the G15 model can be found for about $80 USD and the G15 KS for $135 USD.

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