Matchbox Carbon Neutral Tesla Roadster

Drive Toward a Better Future is Mattel’s product roadmap to make all Matchbox cars, playsets, and packaging with 100% recycled, recyclable, or bio-based plastic by 2030. Mattel recently unveiled the first entry in this new category: the Tesla Roadster is its first die-cast vehicle made from 99% recycled materials and certified carbon neutral.

The 1:64 model, designed to match the future full-sized version, features a white exterior, printed-on headlights and taillights, and windows made of transparent plastic. Tesla’s signature “zero emissions” text displays prominently on the license plate, and the molded interior includes a yoke-style steering wheel.

The mini-Roadster’s carbon neutrality is achieved using a mix of two recycled materials: 62.1 percent recycled zinc and 36.9 percent recycled plastic. The remaining 1 percent of the car is fabricated from non-recycled stainless steel.

Mattel’s eco-friendly Matchbox commitment includes plans to release additional hybrid and EV die-casts and to incorporate electric-car chargers into future playsets.

The carbon neutral Matchbox Tesla Roadster is slated for a global release in 2022.

Company: Mattel | Available: 2022 | Price: TBD