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Marvel Comics Mini-Books Collectible Boxed Set from Abrams Books

In 1966, Marvel published a series of miniature comic books available exclusively from 10-cent toy gumball machines across the United States. Each Mini-Book measured 5/8-inches by 7/8-inches — smaller than a US postage stamp! The Guinness Book of World Records certified it as the world’s smallest comic books.

Six titles were released, each featuring a popular character of the time: the Incredible Hulk, the Mighty Thor, Captain America, the Amazing Spider-Man, Sergeant Nick Fury, and Millie the Model. Each 48-page volume told the character’s origin story through minimal narration and black-and-white art.

Abrams Books has reprinted all six Mini-Books as part of a seven-book collectible boxed set. The seventh, new book, is written by Mark Evanier and details the history behind the now sought-after vintage collectibles. To enhance readability, each Mini-Book has been enlarged to 4.25-inches x 7.25-inches. The boxed set is housed in a branded slipcase with a retro design.

The Marvel Comics Mini-Books Collectible Boxed Set is available directly from Abrams’ online store and various online retailers at the cost of $29.99 USD.

Company: Abrams Books | Available: Now | Price: $29.99 USD

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