Magnetic Marble Run Construction Sets from National Geographic

Marbles and magnetism join forces to teach physics and engineering concepts in National Geographic’s Magnetic Marble Run construction sets.

Geared for children ages 8 and up, the constructions are offered in two  sizes: small (50 pieces) and large (90 pieces). Each set provides a mixture of tracks, snap-fit connectors, trick pieces, and marbles that can be combined into Rube Goldberg-style racetracks.

The magnetic pieces allow for vertical track building on either the included magnet board or any magnetic surface, like a refrigerator or locker. To encourage creativity and learning, each construction set comes with a marble run guide with track-building puzzles and challenges; and, a learning guide focused on various scientific concepts the toy demonstrates.

The sets can be purchased from Nat Geo’s Amazon store. The smaller size checks in at $39.99 USD and the large at $69.99 USD.

Company: National Geographic | Available: Now | Price: $39.99 USD (small), $69.99 USD (large)