Magna-Tiles Structures: The Beatles from CreateOn

The Fab Four star in 2 new sets of the Magna-Tiles Structures construction toy system from CreateOn.

Each multi-piece set allows children ages 3 up to kidults to to build structures of various shapes with magnetic tiles. Like other Magna-Tiles Structures sets, the pieces in the Beatles Collection are double-sided and cross-set compatible. The sets are produced using the company’s vibrant SuperColor technology, which is also scratch resistant. The result is both a playset and collectible for Beatles fans.

The 24-piece The Beatles Yellow Submarine set offers 4 different builds based on songs from the soundtrack: All You Need is Love, Sea of Holes, Yellow Submarine, and Kaleidoscope. The inclusion of square mirrored tiles adds a psychedelic ’60s vibe to the set.

The Beatles Collection more than doubles the number of pieces to 53 and enables different builds, including a larger Yellow Submarine, a Magical Mystery Tour bus, an album collage, and a recreation of the group’s iconic crosswalk photo from the Abbey Road album.

Both Beatles Magna-Tiles Structures sets are available from a variety of online retailers as well as CreateOn’s online store. The smaller set checks in at $59.95 USD, while the bigger set retails for $134.95 USD.

Company: CreateOn | Available: Now | Price: $59.95 USD and up