Maché Magic from TOMY

“Just Twist, Press and Gift!”

TOMY’s Maché Magic allows children to create papier maché objects using two everyday household items: toilet paper and water. In place of the traditional use of paste and glue, TOMY has substituted a small press that works in concert with the kit’s two plastic molds.

Creating an object requires about 48-inches of toilet paper torn into small pieces. Toilet paper bits are used to line either a heart or egg-shaped mold and moistened with water. Then the mold is placed into the Magic Maché Press, which removes excess water from the molded toilet paper with the twist of its handle.

The mold dries overnight and produces a solid object that can be decorated. TOMY includes two glitter-glue pens and two sticker sheets to assist in the creative process. Instructions, a Message Card Sheet, and an Idea Sheet complete the package.

TOMY’s Maché Magic is available directly from the company’s online store at the cost of $29.99 USD.

Company: TOMY | Available: Now | Price: $29.99 USD