• Lucky’s Leprechaun Trap Hasbro General Mills
  • Lucky’s Leprechaun Trap Board Game
  • Lucky’s Leprechaun Trap Hasbro General Mills
  • Lucky’s Leprechaun Trap Board Game

Lucky’s Leprechaun Trap from Hasbro and General Mills

Uh-oh! Where did Lucky go?

Get ready for a magically delicious adventure as Hasbro and General Mills have partnered up for a new Lucky Charms-themed board game!

A popular brand of breakfast cereal first introduced back in 1964, Lucky Charms were created by product developer John Holahan and feature multi-coloured marshmallow bits shaped to resemble various objects and symbols associated with luck. The brand’s mascot, a mischievous leprechaun named Lucky, has been a staple of the cereal’s branding since the beginning and is perhaps one of the most recognizable commercial characters in all of popular culture.

In Lucky’s Leprechaun Trap board game, players try to capture the sure-footed imp in a thrilling chain reaction game that puts a new spin on the popular family classic Mouse Trap. With cards featuring all of your favourite marshmallow shapes and pieces adorned with Lucky in various poses, the fun is endless.

The game’s launch follows an innovative marketing campaign to track the elusive Lucky, who used his magic to escape from the front of his cereal box. General Mills followed that up with a limited-edition Turns Milk Green Lucky Charms, which includes one of four special “leprechaun traps” on the back of the box that consumers can cut out and use to catch the mascot, whose smiling face has since been replaced by a striking white silhouette and brightly coloured font asking: “Where’s Lucky?”

As part of the promotion, General Mills is asking fans to please practice their trapping skills in the hopes Lucky will be found and put right back where he belongs before St. Patrick’s Day rolls around on March 17th.

“We never know what our favorite, mischievous leprechaun is up to,” says Brandon Tyrrell, the Senior Marketing Communications Manager at General Mills. “But now with him off the box and on the run, we’re asking for everyone’s help to find him. We know he’s a big American Idol fan and have reason to believe that he could appear on set February 25th and March 3rd on ABC and the next day on Hulu – so be on the lookout!”

Fans can join the hunt for Lucky right now and get leprechaun trap inspiration by following @luckycharms on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, or by visiting the official Lucky Charms website.

Lucky’s Leprechaun Trap is now available exclusively at Shop.LuckyCharms.com for $14.99 USD. Limited edition boxes of Turns Milk Green Lucky Charms cereal are also available now.

Company: Lucky Charms | Available: Now | Where to Buy: Lucky Charms | Price: $14.99 USD