Los Angeles Slot Car Museum – Los Angeles, California

The Los Angeles Slot Car Museum is a private collection of slot cars and related ephemera.

Established by Scott Bader, owner of retailer Electric Dreams, the museum displays thousands of examples of slot cars, kits, advertising, literature, and other objects related to the popular hobby. Bader creates an immersive space that combines video and soundscapes to bring people back to the Golden Age of slot car racing in the 1960s and 1970s. Examples of vintage Carrera, MRRC, Scalextric, Russkit, K&B, Dugan, Revell, Du-Bro, Gar Vic, and Louis Marx cars and kits (some unopened) are represented in the collection. An online museum makes it easy for enthusiasts to see and learn more about the collection if an in-person visit is out of reach.

The Los Angeles Slot Car Museum is located at Scott Bader’s private residence in West Hollywood. Those wanting to visit the museum must make an appointment. Tours are approximately three hours and led by Bader himself.

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