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Live Virtual Tours: LEGO House

To support LEGO House fans unable to visit the Billund, Denmark-based attraction during the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Home of the Brick” is offering virtual tours of its History Collection. The recently announced initiative is free of charge but does require pre-registration.

Five one-hour sessions over the next four months will each cover a different period (and important chapter) in the LEGO company’s history. Hosted by a LEGO historian, the tours will include time for a Q&A session via Live Chat.

LEGO House will offer multiple sessions per tour with different timings to accommodate several time zones. All posted times will be in Billund time (CET).

Tour 1: The beginning of the LEGO Group, 1932 – 1946 June 11, 2020
Tour 2: The LEGO Group – Consolidating plastic, 1947 – 1961 June 25, 2020
Tour 3: The LEGO Group – Expanding the LEGO System in Play, 1962 – 1978 July 9, 2020
Tour 4: The LEGO Group – Introducing new ideas, 1979 – 2001 August 13, 2020
Tour 5: The LEGO Group – Crisis and turnaround, 2002 – 2019 September 1, 2020

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