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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.
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Live and Let Diecast

Collectors and modifiers of diecast model vehicles will find a wealth of information and inspiration for their hobby on the website Live and Let Diecast.

A part of Gizmodo Media Group (the organization responsible for The Onion, Lifehacker, and The A.V. Club), Live and Let Diecast uses their platform to unite a community of adult model-car enthusiasts. Far from child’s play, model-car collecting and modification is a serious hobby and one that requires patience and expertise (expendable income also helps), if the goal is to amass a covet-worthy collection. The writers at Live and Let Diecast understand this. Through daily posts, visitors to the website are rewarded with strategies for locating rare vehicles, upcoming product releases, and insight into historic diecast models and manufacturers. There’s also space to rejoicing over successful hunts and commiserate over diminishing shelf space.

Live and Let Diecast is a casual read; posts are to-the-point and there are usually plenty of photos to capture readers’ attention. Even non-collectors will enjoy the website. It’s always fun to take a nostalgic look back at the toys we kept in our childhood toy boxes.

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