Lite-Brite Touch from Basic Fun!

Create. Play. Animate.

Introducing the Lite-Brite Touch, an exciting and innovative spin on the traditional toy that continues to encourage creativity — this time, without the pegs! That’s right, for the first time in 56 years, Basic Fun! offers a whole new way to play with the Lite-Brite line-up. Madness, you say? Quite the opposite!

With the Lite-Brite Touch, simply press any of the 100 buttons on the light board to illuminate them. Continue pressing the buttons to cycle through a total of seven selectable colours as you stimulate your inner artist and create an array of dazzling designs.

Not feeling particularly creative? Then toggle over to Play Mode and test your skills in one of the three included games: Lite Break, Lite Match, and Lite Snake. Play on your own or join up with a friend for even more fun! There is even a special Animate Mode featuring five ready-to-go animations that will bring your designs to life and are certain to light up any room or social video.

Measuring just 7.5 inches wide, the Lite-Brite Touch includes 12 different art guides that kids can follow to make everything from a rainbow to a smiley face. Or, they can dare to get creative and craft unique pieces of light-up art. Also included are three rechargeable 1.5V AA batteries and a micro-USB for quick, convenient power-ups! While it may be a far cry from Burt Meyer’s original design, the Lite-Brite Touch holds true to its predecessor by invigorating imaginations and encouraging fans of all ages to tap into their individuality.

This is not the first time that the Lite-Brite’s timeless template has undergone a bit of a change. From the World’s Smallest Lite-Brite from Super Impulse released in 2019 to the pocket-sized Mini-X Connect released earlier this year from Basic Fun!, this popular plaything has been tweaked a few times over the years. Having served as an integral part of many a childhood, it is a brand that continues to delight scores of fans and this latest version is no exception.

Designed for ages six and up, the award-winning Lite-Brite Touch is available for purchase now through most major retailers for $29.99 USD. Are you ready to experience light-based art like never before?

Company: Basic Fun! | Available: Now | Where to Buy: Amazon | Price: $29.99 USD