Leicester Vintage and Old Toy Shop: Toy Shop on Tour

The Toy Shop on Tour YouTube series focuses on toy shops and their owners in the United Kingdom.

The show was developed by and stars Joe Hand, the owner of the Leicester Vintage & Old Toy Shop, along with his friend and fellow toy collector, Gav. As a side note, Joe, Gav, and the shop were featured in season 1 of A Toy Store Near You from The Nacelle Company.

In each episode, the dynamic duo hits the road to visit one or more independent toy shops and buy vintage toys, talk to towners, and record their stories. To date, the perpetual road trip has resulted in Season 1, comprising 11 episodes featuring more than 30 different toy shops.

Check out the series trailer below:

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Toy Shop on Tour was also planning to cross the pond and film new episodes for the series in the United States before those plans were temporarily put on hold due to the pandemic.

According to the shop’s Facebook page, Season 2 of Toy Shop on Tour is planned for Autumn 2022.