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LEGO Trains Book from No Starch Press

Company: No Starch Press
Available: Now
Price: $24.95 USD

In LEGO Trains Book, author and hobbyist Holger Matthes provides an in-depth look at brick model-railroading. Published by No Starch Press, the hardcover book features 248 photo-rich pages of LEGO train history, as well as instructions to build multiple models.

LEGO Trains Book is divided into five main sections. Section I is a historical tour of LEGO train sets, from #182 Train Set with Signal to #10233 Horizon Express. Matthes provides extensive detail on each train system, including train operation, track availability, parts, and wheels.

The remaining four sections focus on various aspects of designing and building LEGO train systems. Step-by-step building instructions are provided for models of the German Inter-City Express (ICE), the Swiss “Crocodile” train, and a vintage passenger car. There are tips for controlling train systems with transformers, receivers, and motors. And, there’s advice about how to use older LEGO pieces in modern designs.

For those new to LEGO, the book’s introduction gives an overview of the LEGO website, the Bricklink and Brickset online marketplaces, and outlines LEGO set and part numbering conventions.

The LEGO Trains Book checks in at $24.95 USD and is available from a variety of online retailers.

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