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The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book: 15 Designs to Spread Holiday Cheer

Author: Chris McVeigh
ISBN: 978-1593277666
Publication date: 2016
Pages: 220
Format: Hardcover

The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book is sure to spark the holiday spirit in any LEGO enthusiast. Author and LEGO builder Chris McVeigh provides step-by-step instructions for 15 ornament-worthy builds, over the course of 220 pages. The models are broken down into three categories: Christmas Classics, Geometric Designs, and Fun Stuff.

Each ornament is initially shown in full-page size and the subsequent pages depict the incremental steps to build it. Each LEGO piece and part number is clearly identified, making it a suitable guide for digging through your personal inventory or building a parts list for online ordering at sites like BrickLink and Brick Owl.

Photographs throughout the book are both beautifully composed to inspire creativity. Being a holiday purist myself, I was immediately drawn to the Christmas Classics section, which includes LEGO versions of a poinsettia, snowflake, wreath, wrapped gift, Christmas tree, and a gingerbread house. The remainder of the book includes geometrically-inspired ornaments like a lantern and ball as well as several micro-objects, including a vintage computer and an arcade machine.

Some of the builds also include optional colour variations – a reminder that one of the best features of LEGO is the ability to mix things up.

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