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Klown Doll Museum – Plainview, Nebraska

Klown Doll Museum is an eclectic collection of clown dolls and memorabilia providing delight (and terror) to locals and tourists alike.

The Museum’s roots lie with the Klown Band, a local music group that formed in the early 1950s to draw tourists to Plainview, NB. In late 1999, a Chamber of Commerce employee began collecting and displaying clown dolls at Chamber offices, eventually earning the city a reputation as the “Klown Capital of Nebraska”.  As more clowns were acquired through donations, the city purchased a building to establish the museum and put the Chamber of Commerce in charge of managing the site. The museum building has been renovated and expanded multiple times to house a growing collection of more than 7,800 clowns.

Visitors to the Museum are greeted by Stumpy the Klown, an eight-foot-tall wooden sculpture that towers over the museum entrance. The museum is open to the public throughout the year and admission is free.


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