Kenner Star Wars Collectors’ Handbook

Collecting vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures is a complex undertaking. Kenner’s US-based toy line was a myriad of different cardbacks with and without offers for other Star Wars merchandise on them, to say nothing of its product releases in foreign countries. To help collectors keep track of all these variants, a trio of well-known personalities in the Star Wars action figure collecting community, Stephane Faucourt, Yann Leroux, and Todd A DeMartino have released the Kenner Star Wars Collectors’ Handbook.

Over 255 pages, the 5″ x 7″ softcover book covers Kenner’s Star Wars line from 1978 to 1986. The authors focus on essential information that avid collectors need to expand their collections, including an introduction to each action figure range, detailed photos of individual figures on “offerless” cards, and a complete reference to cardbacks and offers.

The book’s front/back combination references are based on the updated Kellerman Matrix–two detailed and work-in-progress matrices first introduced by author John Kellerman in his 2003 release, Vintage Star Wars Action Figures: A Guide for Collectors. The mapping of cardbacks continues to be updated, so the book includes access to an online, extended matrix to help collectors stay on top of changes.

The Kenner Star Wars Collectors’ Handbook is priced at $39.00 USD and is available for purchase on Amazon in the US and Canada.

Authors: Stephane Faucourt, Yann Leroux, Todd A DeMartino | Publication date: October 2020 | ISBN: 979-8560999582 | Pages: 255 | Format: Softcover