Jurassic Park ‘93 Classic Collection from Mattel

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park, a cinematic experience that first roared into theatres on June 10th, 1993. Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Sir Richard Attenborough, this blockbuster hit forever changed the way movies were made and went on to spawn one of the largest and most successful film franchises in motion picture history.

In honour of this milestone, Mattel takes collectors back to the early 1990s with the Jurassic Park ‘93 Classic Collection — a new assortment of figures that painstakingly pay homage to the original Kenner toys. They are complete with plenty of bright colours, classic accessories, and retro-inspired packaging certain to transport you back to the summer of 1993.

Available exclusively through Toys “R” Us in Canada and Target in the United States, the first two sets in the line feature the return of both Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm as they prepare to capture some dinosaurs. With updated sculpts and classic designs, each character set will also include a unique selection of accessories and even a dinosaur or two.

Also included is the Track & Explore Vehicle Set. Featuring a spring-loaded missile launcher, windshield armour, and a Scutosaurus figure, this fantastic set is based on the unreleased jungle colour variant Jungle Explorer vehicle that Kenner had planned as part of its second Jurassic Park series in 1994. Advertised in catalogues and on the packaging, the toy sadly never made it into production. Now, some three decades later, Mattel is finally giving fans an updated version of the highly coveted vehicle.

The centrepiece of this collection, however, is something fans have been hoping for since Mattel acquired the Jurassic Park license in the summer of 2016: a revamp of the beloved Electronic Real Feel Tyrannosaurus Rex! Mattel’s all-new version captures the spirit of the ’90s with realistic skin textures, electronic sound effects, and a special feature that allows the Queen Of Isla Nublar to chomp down on — and devour — smaller figures. Not to worry — once ingested, they can be retrieved from the dinosaur’s belly.

Here is what Mattel has to say about each of the new Jurassic Park ’93 Classic Collection sets:

Dr. Alan Grant Tactical Claw Pack

“The Jurassic Park ’93 Classic Dr. Alan Grant Tactical Claw Pack captures the nostalgia of the ’90s! This Dr. Alan Grant 3.75 in-scale action figure comes with a Gallimimus articulated dinosaur and young Velociraptor. Accessories include a capture claw, armor, binoculars, and a launcher with an attached projectile — plus, capture gear restraints for the Gallimimus!”

Dr. Ian Malcolm Glider Escape Pack

“The Jurassic Park ’93 Classic Dr. Ian Malcolm Glider Escape Pack captures the nostalgia of the ’90s! This Dr. Ian Malcolm 3.75 in-scale action figure comes with a Dilophosaurus articulated dinosaur and young Triceratops. Accessories include a launcher and projectile, a wing-pack, and a harness — plus, capture gear restraints for the Dilophosaurus!”

Jurassic Park Track & Explore Vehicle Set

“The Jurassic Park ’93 Classic Track & Explore Vehicle Set captures the nostalgia of the ’90s! This pack includes a truck with hood detailing, launcher, and windshield armor — plus, a Scutosaurus articulated dinosaur figure, projectile, and removable dinosaur catcher to add to the storytelling.”

Jurassic Park Electronic Real Feel Tyrannosaurus Rex

“The Jurassic Park ’93 Classic Electronic Real Feel Tyrannosaurus Rex figure captures the nostalgia of the ’90s! The body, head, and tail are rotocast for a real-feel texture. Press the hidden button on the T. rex’s back to roar! Open the mouth and chomp to devour a Jurassic World Mini (sold separately, subject to availability) — then remove the Mini figure from the stomach.”

As someone who grew up feverishly collecting everything branded with “the mark of Jurassic Park”, I am very excited about this new ‘93 Classic Collection. Each set was clearly a labour of love and I have no doubt that fans who were present during the heyday of Jurassic Mania are in for a real treat.

While the figures do not have an official release date at this time, fans should expect them to begin stomping into stores this summer in time for the brand’s 30th anniversary. Available for pre-order now, the Jurassic Park ‘93 Classic Collection figures will range in price from $23.99 USD to $49.99 USD.

What a dino-mite way to celebrate one of the biggest anniversaries in pop culture!

Company: Target | Available: TBD | Price: $23.99 – $49.99 USD