Jigsaw Duels from Ridley’s Games

Jigsaw Duels from Ridley’s Games is a new, game-ified spin on standard puzzle building.

The competitive game pits two puzzlers against each other in a race to complete a 70-piece jigsaw. The catch? There’s only one double-sided piece that fits both puzzles. The first person to grab and place the final piece is declared the winner.

The first two releases in the series are Pet Pride Jigsaw Duel and House Plants Jigsaw Duel. It is cats vs. dogs in Pet Pride and cacti vs. tropical plants in House Plants. Each set includes the puzzle, two picture guides, and a wooden stand that holds the lone puzzle-finishing piece.

Jigsaw Duels is scheduled for release in April 2022 at the cost of $12.00 USD. Puzzles will be available directly from Chronicle Books, Ridley’s Games parent company, via their e-store and other online retailers.

Company: Ridley’s Games | Available: April 2022 | Price: $12.00 USD