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A daily look back at the toys, games, and objects that captured our attention as children and continue to fascinate us today.

JELL-O Play from Kraft-Heinz

Company: Kraft-Heinz
Available: Now
Price: $5 USD and under

Every kid has been admonished to not play with their food, but the new JELL-O Play line from Kraft-Heinz encourages it!

JELL-O-Play Build & Eat Kits combine JELL-O with a set of plastic molds used to create stackable LEGO-like building blocks. The JELL-O pieces are made using a special “JIGGLERS” recipe that uses half as much water to make the blocks thicker and easier to stack.

Initially, Kraft-Heinz is offering four different Build & Eat Kits. The Jungle Kit makes a car, complete with JELL-O wheels. The Ocean Kit makes a JELL-O boat, while the Construction Kit makes a building. Finally, the Sky Kit allows kids to create a plane adorned with little JELL-O propellers.

Rounding out the JELL-O Play line are a series of Cutters kits that include gelatin and a set of cookie cutters to create a variety of edible shapes and Edible Stickers – all of which can be eaten.

JELL-O Play is currently available for online ordering at and a select number of retailers. All items are priced at $5 USD or less.

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