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Istanbul Toy Museum – Istanbul, Turkey

Since 2005, Istanbul Toy Museum has offered visitors the opportunity to experience toys from the past 200 years, drawn from the personal toy collection of Turkish poet and media personality, Sunay Akin.

The museum is located in a residential neighbourhood, which provides an intimate setting for intricate displays of an impressive variety of more than 4,000 objects. Most of the displays are made with children in mind – the collections sit behind glass (removing the temptation to touch everything) and are built at kids’ eye level. The museum was shortlisted for the annual European Museum Academy Children’s Museum Award in 2012 and consistently receives top marks from tourists.

Visitors can expect to spend about 90 minutes at the Museum. Be sure to stop by the doll-house inspired Museum Café to recharge before heading back out into the dynamic city of Istanbul, the cultural centrepiece of Turkey.

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