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Ingfield Light Railway – West Sussex, England

Ingfield Light Railway is a privately managed park-sized light railway on the grounds of an educational institute in West Sussex, England.

Located at Ingfield Manor School, an institute with specialized education for students with neurological motor impairment, Ingfield Light Railway is a 10 1/4″ gauge railway that helps raise money for the school and provides students and family with an opportunity for play. Established in 1973 by educator Keith Stratton, it was initially introduced for students. As it gained popularity, the railway began opening for special events and occasions. The train meanders through a woodland area near the school and offers rail-side attractions, built by Stratton, along the way.

Since Stratton’s death in 1993, the railway has been maintained by his wife, son, and a group of dedicated volunteers, including current custodian Chris Knibbs. Visits to the railway need to be arranged in advance.

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