IKEA Hacks for Toy Storage and Display Jules Yap

IKEA Hacks for Toy Storage and Display: Clever Solutions for Organized Playrooms

Forget about the old days of choosing between style and functionality for toy storage. IKEA’s versatile furniture pieces open up a world of opportunities for crafting personalized storage and display units that not only serve their purpose but also add a touch of style to a space.

The adaptability of IKEA furniture has given rise to a vibrant community of DIY enthusiasts who love to customize their IKEA pieces. This community, often found on platforms like IKEA Hackers, is a treasure trove of inspiration for creating one-of-a-kind toy storage and display units that are both functional and fun.

The joy of creativity in thoughtful IKEA hacks provides solutions that not only keep rooms tidy but also display collections in unique ways. Maximizing space while showcasing toys can be both practical and visually appealing, as these five popular projects from IKEA Hackers demonstrate. We hope they will spark new ideas for you about toy organization and display.

1. Miniature Cars Showcase
For those who love collectible miniature cars, finding the perfect display can be a challenge. Whether you have a collection of a dozen cars or hundreds, you can transform IKEA items into a personalised Hot Wheels display case. With suitable materials, such as the HEJNE shelving units or IKEA picture ledges, you can give each vehicle can have its own clutter-free spot to shine.

2. Pez Dispensers Display
Showcasing collectible Pez dispensers can be tricky. Their unique shape, often top-heavy with tiny feet, makes them prone to tipping and potential damage. With creative use of IKEA BESTÅ units, Anne showed off her son’s colourful collection in neatly organized rows. Her stroke of brilliance is in the clever use of a clamping strip taped to staggered shelves on the BESTÅ cabinet. The clamp ensures each Pez dispenser stands securely. It’s a simple addition that turns a regular shelf into a Pez dispenser showcase.

3. LEGO Storage And Display Cabinet
For LEGO fans, this IKEA BESTÅ hack is the perfect way to display your devotion. With playful ingenuity, Martin used simple wooden coasters to create a brick facade on the BESTÅ cabinet doors. Painted in classic LEGO red, yellow, blue, and black, he used coasters to turn the once-plain doors into a delightful brick lookalike. This clever BESTÅ LEGO hack conceals storage while the open shelves allow for displaying built LEGO sets or mini-figures.

4. Under-Bed LEGO Tray
Building a LEGO tray that slides under a bed or sofa creates a hidden yet accessible place to sort and store LEGO bricks, especially sets still in progress. This strategy uses the often-wasted space underneath furniture. For instance, a repurposed IKEA SNIGLAR changing table, dismantled with caster wheels added underneath, can be turned into convenient LEGO trays, providing a low-profile yet large surface area for children to play and organize their construction projects.

5. DIY Plushie Zoo
Soft toys often end up scattered around the room but constructing a DIY plushie zoo presents a tidy and attractive display. Using items like an IKEA HEJNE shelf, one can create a storage “cage” for stuffed animals. Add vertical strips of elastic bands to the shelving to create flexible bars for a furry friends zoo, keeping all your child’s plushies in an organized spot.

And there you have it. Five IKEA hacks that show how storage solutions can be both playful and practical. With IKEA hacks, maintaining a neat and inviting play environment has never been easier.