Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions – the largest collectibles auction house in the world – offers curiosity seekers an insider view of the auction house and the objects that come into its possession.

Collectors look to Heritage Auctions for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to own rare pieces of comic, video game, entertainment, art, and sports history. The Heritage Auctions YouTube channel not only underscores the auction house’s deep knowledge of collectibles, it’s also a chance to gain more personal knowledge of items and do some window shopping. Objects recently highlighted on the channel include the Pokémon Blastoise #009/165R Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram card, a 1980 pre-Nintendo ‘Game and Watch’ unit, original artwork for Fleischer Studios’ 1940s “Superman” cartoons, and much more.

The channel includes playlists created for specific areas of focus, making it helpful for viewers with specific interests. Still, the videos offer insight that is always fascinating even if a collectible category isn’t of personal interest.